Recent Snapshots of Family and Friends



After supper and a 40 buck cab ride to Jln Besar for dim sum. At least the food was good..(recommended by the driver) it was monday and the first place we went was closed except Indian food and ah bee is allergic to spicy food (poor thing) so we were really taken on a ride by the taxi driver.







Ms. Bullfrog and Julie da jie. Ms. Bullfrog is Fat with triple chin after eating the super Gelat but yummy, unique flavours of Kimchi Fries, which was washed down with Honey Ginseng tea at Chicken up.





Shalom. Me and imageShandy behind the scenes prepping for the “Milestones” Play. I was responsible for her wicked, wacky hair.. hehe;)







At the Backalley fest with Stella being artsy. It was at Geylang Lor 24a. Never knew there were “a” lorongs.. well I don’t frequent geylang..zzz.. but this was fun!


This was taken during the staycation to celebrate my mom’s big 6-0 Birthday and the end of my exams last Dec.

Even with my 4? Or maybe 3.2 megapixel camera on my Samsung Ace 2 phone I love taking random photos.


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