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This is just to say,

*Under reno!!

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Sad Mad Pad

I asked a friend of mine I recently caught up with, if she had bad periods…

“I actually think for me, its Pre, During and Post”..


It really was awesome meeting up with her again.

I bumped into her JEM and she was carrying huge bunch of flowers with her husband. 

I was in awe, “so sweet! He still gives you flowers?!”

“it’s from Cai Ling.”


“wait,,,, is it your birthday?!!!!”


But Good! We made a date, caught up. But not enough. We will do it again.

She still had my old twitter pic from like 2011 ias my contact pic…. I forgot to ask her to wa it to me cos its a good pic:)

Cliches are so cliche right, like,make hay while the sun shines, or those who matter dont mind, those who mind… 

Friends are like stars…

A LOT OF THE TIME I wish to be an island, Kat used to call it [don’t], she said to me,  “go(ing) under the radar”.

But now I know, and truly believe this:

The people who have known us, and Know us, the fucked up us, and are still, well, Friends, are pretty damn good to keep.