All the Good Stuff

Good stuff should be Shared. Here are some of my favourite websites

(in no particular order)

IFFTTT – This is the most ingenious thing since the internet was invented. IF This, Then, That is exactly THAT! This site and also available as an app on android and iPhone allows you to create connections between your digital activities.

For example, a popular workflow is: IF i change my Profile pic in Facebook, THEN, change my Profile pic in Twitter/or courld be instagram (THAT – an action). The possibilities are endless seriously. You can even sms your mom when you leave the bus stop from your workplace, using GPS location and Android SMS. GO CHECK IT OUT>>>

Trafficking Monitor – What could be more frightening that being kidnapped, and sold as a slave? Perhaps a sex slave, or being trafficked overseas?? Can you imagine if you or one of your loved ones was caught in a situation like that?

Learn more about Human Trafficking/Slavery-in-Contemporary Time. Updated Weekly by the author, who is a ‘Human rights advocate, sociologist, blogger, gardener and photographer’.

*MAKE STUFF – My old friend liz’s description of her blog “..talking into the fan to hear my robot voice.” She is a super talented craftswoman, with lost of gorgeous craft on showcase and other random stuff here!

Dinoclaire – She’s a Dinosaur in a dog-eat-dog-world. Claire gives a voice to issues those of us with mental struggles can relate to, yet her voice is accessible and extremely readable because in each line is all heart.

Chiu Yen Phua – PCY’s Life. P. (Stands for Princess, BTW), Chiu Yen gives the low-down on food, travel and other luxuries in life!

Can Anybody Hear Me? – Uncovered Myself One Pound at a Time; Still Discovering Myself One Day at a Time.

Beauty beyond bones – A blog about Eating Disorders and overcoming them.

Simply Extra Happy A Life – A page to spread Positive energy! Follow Us!

I am still new to, and only beginning to navigate the blogosphere! Will add more great Stuff soon!