Marijuana Suppositories for Period Pain

Apparently, You Can Now Buy Weed For Your Vagina To Cure Period Cramps.

Although the Marijuana Suppositories are currently only available in two states in America, If Bernie Sanders becomes president, and removes the federal prohibition on marijuana it could become more widely available, although it isn’t tested medically…and has an ‘alarmingly high level of THCor tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.




… just a curious random newsflash. šŸ˜€

enjoy this cute remix of “Because I got High”

Seb Pearce (former Spirituality junkie) on New Age Bulls*`^#

Digging deep into the soul of the World Wide Web, I found this super cool post: a digital manifestation of the infinite being mocking itself through quantum pulses of energy..

Seb Pearce, who was a former Spirituality junkie in his late teens, and who was sincerely interested and believed in the New Age or “alternative” Spirituality got increasingly disillusioned as he delved deeper into it, and realised it had no basis but was a merely an elaborate smokescreen. Eventually he gave it up altogether.

This was the trigger for Seb’s “falling out with New Age”: A Sermon by Deepak Chopra. Here is an extract from Seb’s blog, quoted from the Deepak Chopra’s sermon on “Does God have a Future?”, (also an example of New Age “Philosophy”):

Science is now in a process of overthrowing the climactic overthrow of the superstition of materialism. That everything that we call ā€œmatterā€ comes from something that is not material. That the essential nature of the physical world is that itā€™s not physical.
Science tells us that nature is a discontinuity, that is, an on-off phenomenon. That there are gaps between every two 1s where you find a field of possibilities, a field of pure potentiality. Science doesnā€™t call it God, but what is God if not the immeasurable potential of all that was, all that is, and all that will be? Science also tells us that thereā€™s a field of non-locality where everything is correlated with everything else……100% bullshit today.png

There is hidden creativity; there are quantum leaps of creativity. There is something called the Observer Effect where intention orchestrates spacetime events which we then measure as movement and motion and energy and matterā€¦ You have the resources within you to intuitively grasp this mystery.

And apparently his sermons go on and on and on in similar fashion. How Ironic: “You have the resources within you to intuitively grasp this mystery.” Even if we did “grasp” his logic, basically with every statement, Deepak is creating a circular logic linking one idea to another where logical patterns do not exist, and he also enjoys creating paradoxical contrasts to grab the audience’s attention. In Deepak’s universe, Indeed, “everything is correlated with everything else“.

And BTW doesn’t “the Observer Effect” ..etcetc….”orchestrates spacetime events” remind you of J. J. Abram’s Television Series “Fringe“?? Art imitates Philosophy! Oh Walter what Have you done?

Back to Seb’s story: What’s EVEN cooler, and fun too, is that Seb who’s a developer, has created a Bullshit Generator (as if we need one but.. still Cool.) This is a website which has a link which is programmed such that at click, generates “a full page of New Age poppycock”, just like what Deepak says all the time. Read more about how he did it and the reasons why he developed this program here: Seb Pearce.

100 Things To Do If You’re Sad

1) Take Photo Booth photos with your cat. You actually donā€™t even need to be sad to do this. I take about 10 per week. Example above.

2) Put on a dress that makes you feel important. Go downtown and walk around

3)Ā Eat a whole cup of ice.

4)Ā Google photosĀ of skylines. I prefer the New York City one, but whatever floats your boat. Thereā€™s justĀ something about all those little lights dottingĀ sky rises that will remind you of other peopleā€™s existence, and that reminder will beĀ calming somehow. (Some of those simmering dots are probably having bad days too.)

5)Ā Roll down a hill.

6)Ā Sharpen all of your pencils.

7)Ā Re-read your favorite childhood book…

and her list goes on…

Read moreĀ fromĀ nataliebreuer’sĀ about what to do when you are feelingĀ SadĀ here:100 Things To Do If You’re Sad