A simple explanation of Paranoia

When you someone has Paranoia, and asks you for help, what would your first reaction be? Do you just brush it aside? Are they simply overthinking things? Or are they just weirdos?

I have made it a resolution of mine for 2016 to overcome my paranoid thinking. This usually only occurs to me in a bad way but specifically only when I don’t sleep the whole night before.


The next day I will start having pervasive paranoid thoughts about how people are appraising me, especially in a crowded space or among strangers. But if I sleep it off. The feelings n thoughts go away.

I realised that paranoid thoughts come about due to overly emphasing the importance of random associations and deriving meaning from these links. It usually also is due to an insecurity or a strong emotion that is being felt by the person.

What do I mean? For example, John is having the paranoid thought that the lady sitting next to her in the train thoughts he smelt bad. He thinks so because the lady kept rubbing her nose and then got up one stop after he sat next to her. The emphasis on the association between John’s smelliness and the lady’s action of rubbing her nose.. which again is associated with not liking his body odour and her getting off quickly also being linked up, are the assumptions that a paranoid person makes.

I think these are probably made due to the person’s underlying feelings of insecurity or other strong emotions like anger or jealousy.

That’s why the paranoid thoughts are so trechant and difficult to dismiss despite having people try to convince you that you are just “thinking too much”, a phrase I think is too loosely used and may not help much. The emotions behind it are real but the paranoia is not.

Hope that these thoughts about this topic were meaningful to you. What do you think? Do comment If u have any ideas about It.

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