The “After” Myth

Reblogging lisak87’s

Heartwrenching personal sharing about her struggle with weight – This is her Before, After and After again picture.

*update: link to article: Biggest losers lose battle against returning bulge

As I go through what is now my 5th cycle of “yo-yo” weight gain and now loss, of up and down more than 15 kg, I really can relate to all of this. Thank you lisak87 for putting body image/weight gain and loss in perspective.

Read more about her story here: The “After” Myth


100 Things To Do If You’re Sad

1) Take Photo Booth photos with your cat. You actually don’t even need to be sad to do this. I take about 10 per week. Example above.

2) Put on a dress that makes you feel important. Go downtown and walk around

3) Eat a whole cup of ice.

4) Google photos of skylines. I prefer the New York City one, but whatever floats your boat. There’s just something about all those little lights dotting sky rises that will remind you of other people’s existence, and that reminder will be calming somehow. (Some of those simmering dots are probably having bad days too.)

5) Roll down a hill.

6) Sharpen all of your pencils.

7) Re-read your favorite childhood book…

and her list goes on…

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